This Cheeseboard is  handmade with smaller pieces of the French oak barrel and joined the old fashioned way.These cheeseboards are a labour of love and have become our most popular board. They start their lives as chunky wine infused sometimes scrappy pieces of oak and end up sanded and fashioned into this sculptural board of exceptional quality. With a handle that sits up from the bench making it easy to lift you will find this becomes the most used board in the house, not only for cheeses but for pizza and fruit too.We are fortunate that we live next door to a cheese Factory, and consequently our larder is always full of good cheese.Just like a richly satisfying cheese I find maintaining the wine aged look for the boards a testament to my love and care when fashioning, smoothing and combining pieces of barrels to bring you this handcrafted, aged board.Wax it from time to time with our very own wood wax to retain its richness and beauty. Wash in hot soapy water.
Dimensions: L 39cm W 27cm H 4.5cm

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