Christmas Tree-vine wrapped


Winter is pruning time we head off to pick up prunings from the local vineyards. We are so lucky to have this local resource at our fingertips. The vines are green and easy to work with so it is all hands to the deck to fashion these labour’s of love! Before the vines get too dry.

Inside we have a welded metal framework which makes them robust and sturdy. Many hours go into these Christmas Tree’s – vine wrapped  joining each new vine with copper wire and making the wire look like a piece of vine itself. The wire makes delightful attachments for decorations or lights if you wish.

The Christmas Trees are then burnished slightly and oiled, they smell divine and we mix a secret ingredient in with the oil to make it soak in so that your tree retains its rich colour from year to year.

A Christmas Tree wrapped in vine you know you will have every year or like us have one in your home all year round to add interest to the home
Dimensions: small H 1 mtr W 48cm.
Large Trees need to be ordered and are just over 2 metres tall.
They are very easy to pack and courier

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