Michael MacMillan Sculptor

Al Brown Chef

A May day in Upper Moutere, Nelson.Al Brown chef, fisherman and all round good guy shooting a new TVNZ Advert.Al loved using Michael’s french Oak Cheeseboards and platters to plate up the various delectables. The Macs beer was great too, shady pale ale. The food well Italian……mama mia devine beef fillet, pasta, homemade breads and salsa verde to compliment it all! Did I mention tomatoes….with out them would mean  a bike with out a wheel !

Mike and his wife jackie were hired talent, nothing like taking the sculptor out of his workshop for the day! Cheers to Al Brown.

Makes us appreciate all we have here in the Moutere, great scenery, great artists, good food and wine. Check out our Moutere Artisans Website and of course Michael’s online store to purchase your very own platter or cheeseboard.